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Astro Tech/GSO/TPO Ritchey–Chrétien


RC/TPO Telescopes      
Telescope Model OTA Thread Focuser Adapter  
6/8" RC M90x1 FTF2015BCR  A20-271 OR
    FTF2015BCR-RP A20-3003-1 OR 
    FTF1515BCR/FTF1515BCR-DS A15-1503-2  
10/12/14/16" RC M117x1 FTF3015B-A A30-1903-40 OR 
    FTF3215B-A A32-3203-40  
    FTF2015BCR A20-272  
The 3.0" Feather Touch focusers need an end cap and the most popular end cap for the 3.0" focuser   
is the 2" compression ring end cap but we also have threaded end caps for a more secure image train  
and these end caps are sold separately