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Telescope Model OTA Thread  Focuser Adapter



Zenithstar 66 M73x1 FTF2025BCR A20-731  
GT81, Megrez 80 & 90MM, Zenithstar 80 M90x1 FTF2025BCR A20-271  

  FTF2015BCR-RP A20-3003-1  

  FTF2535HD A25-2003-14  
WO 72mm M87x1 FTF2025BCR A20-273  
Older Megrez 90 M76X1 FTF2025BCR A20-226  
FLT98 Carbon Fiber w/red non-removable ring M77.5x1 FTF2535HD A25-2003-3  
FLT98 Carbon Fiber w/red removable ring M102x1 FTF3035B-A A30-1903-22  
Megrez 102ED M102x1 FTF3035B-A A30-1903-22  
FLT98 w/gold ring M104.75X1 FTF3035B-A A30-1903-2  
GT102 M104.75X1 FTF3035B-A A30-1903-2  
Zenithstar 105 & 110mm M114x1 FTF3035B-A A30-1903-4  
FLT110 w/TEC lens M115x1.25 FTF3035B-A A30-1903-6  
FLT110 w/TMB lens M115x1.0 FTF3035B-A A30-1903-6A  
FLT w/DDG stock focuser M113.5x1 FTF3035B-A A30-1903-6B  
FLT123 & Megrez 120 M122x1 FTF3035B-A A30-1903-FLT123  
FLT132/Zenith Star 126 M139x1 FTF3545B-A A35-503-WOFLT132  
FLT151, FLT152, FLT158 M167x1 FTF3545B-A A35-503-WOFLT152  
FLT178 M134x1 FTF3545B-A A35-503-WOFLT178  

The 2.5, 3.0, and 3.5" Feather Touch focusers will need an end cap and we have comp. ring and threaded end caps