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Dealers, Manufacturers and Other Links

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Feather Touch® Dealers

Agena AstroProducts
All Star Telescope
AOK Astro Optik Kohler
APM Telescopes
Astronomy&Electronics Centre
Camera Concepts
Company Seven
Cosmodiff-la Clef des Etoiles
Cyclops Optics
Deep Space Products
First Light Optics
Galaxy Scientific Group
Harrison Telescopes
High Point Scientific
Intercon Spacetec GmbH
Kokusai Kohki
K&W Telescope
Lunatico Astronomia
Ontario Telescopes
OPT Telescopes
Optique Unterlinden
Science Discovery
Skies Unlimited
Sky Explorers Telescopes
Skypoint S.R.L.
Telescope & Astronomy
Teleskop-Service Ransburg GmbH
The Widescreen Centre    
Valkanik Espanola de Astonomia
Woodland Hills Camera & Telescopes

Telescope Manufacturers 

Altair Astro
APM Telescopes
Astro-Physics, Inc
Dobstuff Astronomical Telescopes
Explore Scientific
Hutech Astronomical Products/Borg
Istar Optical
Lockwood Custom Optics
Lunt Solar Systems
M42 Optics
Mag 1 Instruments
M&T Optics
NortheK (Filman srl)
Obsession Telescopes
Officina Stellare
SDM Telescopes
SL Labs
Star Structure Telescopes
Stellarvue Handcrafted Telescope
Teeter's Telescopes LLC
Telescope Engineering Company (TEC)
Tele Vue
William Optics


Astronomy Sites

Amateur Astronomy Organizations
International Dark Sky Association
Lake County Astronomical Society
Northwest Suburban Astronomers
Prairie Skies Star Party
Skokie Valley Astronomers
The Naperville Astronomical Association
Three Rivers Foundation
Astronomy Clubs


Other Sites of Interest

General Astronomy Sites
Northern Deep-Sky Viewing & Fieldbook
Clear Sky Clock