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SI-PDMS--SkyWatcher Esprit

SI-PDMS--SkyWatcher Esprit
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Price: $525.00
Model: SI-PDMS-SkyWatcher Esprit
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The Posi Drive Motor System (PDMS) can lift in Excess of 56 pounds.  This motor system attaches to the pinion shaft and not the reduction assembly which eliminates any slip and offers precise repeatability with heavier payloads.  The PDMS has 2.3 microns per step(.00009") which is 11,400 steps per inch.  The PDMS motor comes standard with an over-ride to allow for manually focusing with the COARSE focus knob.  The PDMS motor has the thermistor built onto the motor circuit board for temperature compensation.

Note:  For the different SkyWatcher Esprit stock focusers that we have tested, we have found a sizable difference in tolerances where the motor housing attaches.  For this reason some shim tape may be needed if your planetary housing (which is the part that the motor clamps onto) is under-sized.  Also the stock focusers we tested did have backlash so adjustments to the stock focuser may need to be made periodically to keep the backlash to a minimum.

Astronomy Technology Today Review

Installation instructions for Feather Touch focusers

Known To Fit SkyWatcher Esprit Telescopes
Use with Focuser Boss II electronic focusing kit
Lifting Capacity In excess of 56 pounds
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SI-PDMS--SkyWatcher Esprit
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SI-PDMS--SkyWatcher Esprit
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