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Focuser Boss Digital Kit

Starlight Instruments is proud to release its new Electronic Focusing System.  The Focuser Boss IS compatible with a Mac through Sky X Professional with a daily build 7315 or later

This system comes standard with a digital hub, stepper motor, and power supply.   You can upgrade the kit with the below options:

The WIFI option allows you to control the focuser via Smart phone or IPAD.  Your phone can be used to control the focuser and the hand controller is not needed unless you want to use both a Smart phone and Hand Controller

The Hand Controller can be used to move the focuser in or out.

The Temperature Sensor is used to compensate the focuser for changes in temperature.

The 2nd focuser control board is used to control 2 Feather Touch focusers Independantly.

Below is a list of which motor fits which focuser:


The HSM/MSM20 will fit any Feather Touch Micro Focuser, Feather Touch retrofit pinion assembly upgrade, or 2.0" Feather Touch Crayford focuser.

The HSM/MSM30 will fit any 2.5", 3.0" or 2.0" Feather Touch Rack/Pinion focuser, and 2.7" Astro-Physics focuser with Feather Touch upgrade.

The HSM/MSM35 will fit any 3.5" Feather Touch focuser and 3.5" and 4.0" Astro-Physics focuser with Feather Touch upgrade.

The TAK option will fit any Stock 4" Takahashi focuser.

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FB-II-KIT 1---Focuser Boss II Electronic Focusing Control
HSM---Handy Stepper Motor with manual focus over-ride
Posi Drive motor for non-Feather Touch focusers
SI-PDMS--Posi Drive Motor System
SI-PDMS-FTFF---Posi Drive Motor System with FINE focus over-ride for Feather Touch and Astro Physics focusers
FB-WiFi---Wireless control of Electronic Focuser
SI-19691--Mounting bracket for Focuser Boss II Control Hub
FB-HANDCONTROLLER---Hand controller for manual focuser control
FB-TEMP---Thermistor for Temperature Control
FB-II 2nd FOCUSER---Circuit board upgrade for controlling 2 focusers at the same time