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3.5" Adapters

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A35-503AP---Adapter 3.5" Astro Physics threaded Optical Tube Assemblies
A35-503TEC---Adapter 3.5"  for TEC large refractors
A35-503TMB---Adapter 3.5" for TMB130 Telescopes
A35-503-103---Adapter 3.5" for SkyWatcher Esprit 120/150
A35-503-FSQ106---Adapter 3.5" for TAKAHASHI FSQ106N telescopes
A35-503-FSQ106ED---Adapter 3.5"  for TAKAHASHI FSQ106ED telescopes
A35-503-TOA130---Adapter 3.5" for "TAKAHASHI TOA 130/FS 152 telescopes
A35-503-AP-GT130---Adapter 3.5" for Astro Physics Grand Tourismo 130
A35-503-WOFLT132---Adapter 3.5" for William Optics FLT132/TS Photoline F7 telescopes
A35-503-140---Adapter 3.5" for Astro Tech 130
A35-503-145---Adapter 3.5" for TAKAHASHI FS128 telescopes
A35-503-TOA150---Adapter 3.5" for Takahashi TOA 150 telescopes
A35-503-WOFLT152---Adapter 3.5" for WILLIAM OPTICS FLT151, FLT152, FLT158 telescopes and TS152
A35-503-WOFLT178---Adapter 3.5" for William Optics FLT178
A35-503-156---Adapter 3.5" for APM 140 and 152mm Telescopes
A35-505-3-2---Reducer adapter for 3.0" compression ring opening to accept 2.0" accessories
A35-503-200---Adapter 3.5 for older ASTRO-PHYSICS  130mm Telescopes
EA20-60X.75---Eyepiece Adapter for Vixen Focal Reducer
EA20-EP2-L-40---Eyepiece Adapter for Leica Eyepiece
A35-505AP-1---Adapter 3.0" and 3.5" to Convert 'AP Threaded End Cap' to 'SBIG STL 11000' Threads