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3" Adapters

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A30-1903-1---Adapter 3.0" TFPE Coupled Collar
A30-1903-2---Adapter 3.0" for William Optics GT102 and the Lunt Engineering LE102
A30-1903-4---Adapter 3.0"  for TAKAHASHI FS102/TSA102
A30-1903-6---Adapter 3.0"  for WILLIAM OPTICS  FLT 110 W/TMB F7 lens telescopes
A30-1903-6A---Adapter 3.0" for WILLIAM OPTICS FLT110 with TEC F6.5 lens telescopes
A30-1903-6B---Adapter 3.0" for WILLIAM OPTICS FLT110 w/DDG stock focuser telescopes
A30-1903-7---Adapter 3.0" for CELESTRON C11/C14 SCT telescopes
A30-1903-9---Adapter 3.0" for  MEADE 10,12,14" SCT telescopes
A30-1903-10---Adapter 3.0"  for MEADE 16" SCT telescopes
A30-1903-12--Adapter 3.0" 3" for older TMB105 (NON-APM version) telescopes
A30-1903-13---Adapter  3.0" for ASTRO TECH 130MM F6 telescopes
A30-1903-14---Adapter 3.0" for 6" CELESTRON refractor telescopes
A30-1903-15---Adapter 3.0" for ASTRO-PHYSICS  6" f/8 telescopes
A30-1903-16---Adapter 3.0"   for United Optics 115MM Telescope
A30-1903-17---Adapter 3.0"  for United Optics Telescope
A30-1903-18---Adapter 3.0" for RCOS telescopes
A30-1903-20---Adapter 3.0"  for WILLIAM OPTICS 110 Megrez telescopes
A30-1903-21---Adapter 3.0" for ASTRO-PHYSICS  4" telescopes
A30-1903-22---Adapter 3.0" for WILLIAM OPTICS FLT98, carbon fiber telescopes
A30-1903-23---Adapter 3.0" for WILLIAM OPTICS FLT98 telescopes
A30-1903-24---Adapter 3.0" for Meade 115mm/Meade130mm, Orion Eon130 & TS130 f6 Telescope
A30-1903-25---Adapter 3.0" for older Astro Physics 5" F6 Telescopes
A30-1903-26---Adapter 3.0" for TV127is without Feather Touch pinion assembly
A30-1903-27---Adapter 3.0" TFPE Coupled Collar for AP threaded OTA
A30-1903-28---Adapter 3.0" for SkyWatcher Esprit 80
A30-1903-31---Adapter 3.0" for Takahashi TSA120 telescopes
A30-1903-40---Adapter 3.0" for ASTRO TECH/GSO/TPO 10/12/16" RC scopes
A30-1903-41---Adapter 3.0" for older Astro Tech 111
A30-1903-85---Adapter 3.0" for Takahashi FSQ85 and FC100 Telescopes
A30-1903-101---Adapter 3.0" for Meade 178 ED Refractor
A30-1903-102---Adapter for  SkyWatcher Esprit 100mm Telescopes
A30-1903-103---3.0" Adapter for SkyWatcher Esprit 120 and 150mm telescope
A30-1903-104---Adapter 3.0" Rack/Pinion for ORION, CELESTRON, SKYWATCHER VIXEN & SYNTA telescopes*
A30-1903-105---Adapter 2.0" for VIXEN, CELESTRON, MEADE 102MM telescopes
A30-1903-AT106---Adapter 3.0"  for AT106 Telescope
A30-1903-107---Adapter for Borg 107FLTelescope
A30-1903-ES102---Adapter 3.0" for EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC ED102 telescopes
A30-1903-ES102CF---Adapter 3.0" for EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC CF EDT102 with sliding dew shield
A30-1903-ES102A---Adapter 3.0" for EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC ED102 telescopes W/sliding dew shield
A30-1903-111---Adapter 3.0" TFPE Coupled Collar for older AT111
A30-1903-WOFLT123---Adapter 3.0" for WILLIAM OPTICS FLT123 & Megrez 120 telescopes
A30-1903-ES127---Adapter 3.0" for carbon fiber Explore Scientific 127MM telescope
A30-1903-ES127A--Adapter 3.0" for carbon fiber Explore Scientific 127MM telescope EDT
A30-1903-ES130---Adapter 3.0" for EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC & MEADE 127MM with Aluminum OTA's
A30-1903-ES130A--Adapter 3.0" for EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC 127 Aluminum OTA's with sliding dew shield
A30-1903-TOA130---Adapter 3.0" for TAKAHASHI TOA130 telescopes
A30-1903-145---Adapter 3.0" for TAKAHASHI FS128 telescopes
A30-1903-ES152---Adapter 3.0" for carbon fiber Explore Scientific 152MM telescope
C-8063 Adapter 3.0" for TMB152