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2" Adapters

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A20-200A-11---Adapter 2.0" for MEADE Lightbridge Dobsonian truss telescopes
A20-212---Adapter 2.0" for CELESTRON C11/ C14 SCT telescopes
A20-213---Adapter 2.0" for MEADE 10, 12, 14" SCT telescopes
A20-214---Adapter 2.0" for MEADE 10, 12, 14" SCT telescopes
A20-215---Adapter 2.0" for CELESTRON & MEADE small thread SCT telescopes
A20-220---Adapter 2.0" for any 2.0" opening*
A20-221---Adapter 2.0" for any 2.0" opening
A20-223---Adapter 2.0" for CELESTRON C11 /C14 SCT telescopes
A20-224---Adapter 2.0" for CELESTRON C70 Telescope
A20-225---Adapter 2.0" with small inside Synta dimension for ORION, CELESTRON, SKYWATCHER VIXEN & SYNTA telescopes*
A20-226---Adapter 2.0"  for older William Optics Megrez 90
A20-227---Adapter 2.0" for TELE VUE refractor telescopes
A20-228---Adapter 2.0" for TELE VUE (IS) refractor telescopes
A20-229---Adapter 2.0"  for BORG M57
A20-230---Adapter 2.0" for CELESTRON, 102mm Telescope
A20-231---Adapter 2.0" for Vixen ED103
A20-232---Adapter 2.0" for Astro-Physics Stowaway
A20-240---Adapter 2.0"  for ORION Sky Quest, XT Intelliscope telescopes
A20-241---Adapter 2.0"  for ORION Sky Quest, XT Intelliscope telescopes with bottom mounting hole not circular
A20-242---Adapter 2.0" for ASTRO TECH 65MM  telescopes
A20-243---2" adapter for MK67/MK69 Telescope
A20-259---Adapter 2.0" for ASTRO-PHYSICS End Cap
A20-261---Adapter 2.0" for TAKAHASHI CN212 and MEWLON 180, 210 and 250 NON CRS telescopes
A20-265---Adapter 2.0" for VIXEN VMC260L/VC260L telescopes
A20-266---Adapter 2.0" for BRANDON telescopes
A20-270---2.0" Adapter for Meade 80mm Telescopes
A20-271--Adapter 2.0" for ASTRO-TECH 6", 8" and GSO 6", 8" RITCHIE-CHRETIEN telescope, WO newer Megrez 80/90mm and WO GT81 Telescope
A20-272---Adapter 2.0" for ASTRO TECH 10, 12, and 16" RC and GSO 10/12/16" telescopes
A20-273---2.0" Adapter for Astro Tech 72mm and William Optics 72mm Telescopes
A20-274---2.0" Adapter for SkyWatcher 180mm Maksutov Cassegrain
A20-275---Adapter 2.0" for TMB92 Lightweight
A20-288---Adapter 2.0" for VIXEN, CELESTRON, MEADE 102MM telescopes
A20-291---Adapter 2.0" for TAKAHASHI CN212 and MEWLON 180, 210 and 250mm telescopes
A20-292---Adapter 2.0" for ORION, CELESTRON, SKYWATCHER VIXEN & SYNTA telescopes
A20-293---Adapter 2.0" for ES Comet Hunter
A20-295---Adapter 2.0"  for CELESTRON & MEADE Fork Mounted SCT telescopes
A20-298---Adapter 2.0" for PENTAX  75mm SDHF APO Refractor telescopes
A20-299---Adapter 2.0" for ZEISS 80 and 130mm Telescopes
A20-300---Adapter 2.0"  for a TAKAHASHI Mewlon 250 CRS and 300 telescopes
EA20-205-56---Adapter 2.0"  for TAKAHASHI accessories
A20-302---Adapter 2.0" for TAKAHASHI FS60 and FC76 Telescopes
A20-303---Adapter 2.0" for Questar 7
A20-304---Adapter 2.0" for TAKAHASHI FS78/FSQ85/FC100DF Telescopes
A20-305--2" Adapter for GSO Carbon Truss Newtonian
A20-399---Adapter 2.0" for Lunt Telescopes
A20-731--Adapter 2.0" for WILLIAM OPTICS & ASTRO TECH/SkyWatcher Equinox 66MM telescopes
A20-MN190--Adapter 2.0" for MK190 Maksutov-Newtonian, Intes Alter MN84 Mak Newton, &  ES8" Astrograph w/CF OTA
A20-C8071---Adapter 2.0" for TELE VUE Renaissance
EA20-205P---2.0" to 1.25" Eyepiece Centering Adapter
EA20-205P-T---T-Adater with Parallizer design
A20-SCT-P---2.0" Parallizer Eyepiece Centering Adapter
EA20-2.24---Eyepiece Adapter for Celestron/Meade 6.3 Focal Reducer
A20-287A---2.0" Adapter to attach Orion 0.85 focal reducer
A20-287B---Orion 0.85 Focal Reducer adapter with M42 standard T-thread